Why are websites so expensive?

Websites don't need to be expensive - but it really depends what you want.

You can get a cheap second hand car for under £100. And that's fine if you're just using it for occasional convenience and when it breaks down it's not a big deal. But if it's something you depend upon for your livelihood then you will need something a bit more robust.

A little 2nd hand Peugeot 206 is fine if you just want something cheap to run that gets from A to B (most of the time). Not so great for a family holiday with two young kids, as I know from painful experience.

Low Budget Sites

You can get a website set up on a shoestring using a supplier like Wix or Squarespace, both of which require zero technical knowledge to get started with.

For a micro or startup business without the budget to invest in professional web consultancy, this is a perfectly good choice. And in fact we have pointed customers towards them in preference to our own services in the past, where it seems to be a better fit for their needs and budget.

The Compromise ...

However, these kinds of sites do involve compromises.

  • you don't actually own the code of the website – which could have implications further down the line.
  • you are limited to a selection of off-the-shelf themes which tend to cater towards the most popular trends. If you want your website to have a distinctive brand and personality you may struggle to find something appropriate.
  • you are limited by their feature-set, which again will cover very common requirements like blogging with ease – but not provide for unusual or niche requirements.

Again, templates tend to go for the "low-hanging fruit" – if your audience are online savvy then it can end up looking like your logo shoved into a template, rather than your site with a consistent branding. A seamless link between the brand identity which runs throughout the site – that kind of depth and attention to detail costs money.

What we do

Here at Function Design we focus upon the more bespoke end of things, because that's the kind of work we enjoy. We prefer innovating to reproducing the same ideas. We prefer problem solving to just rehashing the same thing multiple times. We prefer bespoke builds where every project requires a different solution, to a production line of cookie-cutter websites.

If you are looking to do something out of the ordinary with your website – we'd love to hear from you. These are the challenges that we relish.

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