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June 29th 2017 - Posted by to Website design, Website development

The launch of a new website can be stressful. Over the years we've built up a pre-launch checklist to ensure it goes smoothly.​

April 28th 2016 - Posted by to Advice, Mistakes, Website design

What are the big mistakes that you should beware of when reviewing your website? Here's 5 of the most common pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

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July 11th 2016 - Posted by to Budgets, Website design

Websites don't need to be expensive - but it really depends what you want.

You can get a cheap second hand car for under £100. And that's fine if you're just using it for occasional convenience and when it breaks down it's not a big deal. But if it's something you depend upon for your livelihood then you will need something a bit more robust.

A little 2nd hand Peugeot 206 is fine if you just want something cheap to run that gets from A to B (most of the time). Not so great for a family holiday with two young kids, as I know from painful experience.