March 10th 2016 - Posted by to Design, Redesign

With many kinds of marketing material, the trigger for a new web design might be rebranding, new services/business goals or simply changing graphic design trends.

When it comes to websites, the way people actually access, view and use them are very rapidly changing as well.

October 13th 2015 - Posted by to Mobile, Responsive

There are two popular ways that you can make your site "mobile-friendly". Both will result in a site which gets a nice big green tick on Google's "mobile-friendly" test tool - but we can only recommend one of them.

In this article I am going to outline the two most popular methods; what they do, how the differ, the benefits and the disadvantages.

Blindfolded man with laptop
February 23rd 2012 - Posted by to Accessibility, Legal, RNIB

The RNIB have taken low-cost airline BMI Baby to court over their website, as it is not possible for the blind to book flights through their website - it's a legal requirement that if you offer an online service, it's not provided in a way that is discriminatory.