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If your organisation uses or wants to introduce e-commerce, Function Design can advise on current operations and best-practice.

  • developing secure and reliable shopping carts;
  • creating updatable product catalogues with stock control;
  • integration with payment processors such as Sagepay¬†(formerly Protx), Worldpay, Paypal, etc.

Entering into the online market can bring a new source of revenue, and success stories abound. However, it is a common misconception that e-commerce represents a "magic marketplace" where sales can be made without effort. In reality, it takes either a niche, untapped market, or old-fashioned hard-work and persistance to make substantial returns.

We can build a fully featured e-commerce site for you, but we're equally happy to get you started with a compact and elegant option that can be developed as you gain online confidence.

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