With the new site that Function Design have created for us, updating is so easy and it's comprehensive. It's given us back control of our website - we're delighted.
We challenged Function Design to meet our demanding needs and develop a website that we could be proud of. I’m delighted to say they didn’t disappoint - the new website has been brilliant.
Working with Function Design has been fantastic. The results from the new website have been beyond our expectations.
You grasped our needs at our first meeting and have kept us updated on progress throughout. Always listening, and being flexible, we've been given a tailored and professional service. We will certainly recommend Function Design to others.

If your organisation uses or wants to introduce e-commerce, Function Design can advise on current operations and best-practice.

From Wordpress to Drupal, if you need to update site content regularly we can create a secure Content Management System (CMS) that is tailored to your needs.

We can help you by developing an online presence which describes your services and products clearly, looks good and has smooth interactivity.

Want to be sure that everything is okay with your new site? Here's a pre-launch checklist.