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Zetland Veterinary group approached us to build websites for the practices in their group – which in practice meant that we built a total of 5 websites for the group, a couple of which covered several vets with individually branded pages for each.

They did already have websites for some of the practices, but in their words they were ‘awful’ and more importantly they were not getting the level of leads they would have wanted.  We worked with them both to improve the look and functionality, and to ensure that the sites provided potential customers with valuable information and resources.

Year to date, the new website in Bristol for example (who did already have a site) has led to an increase in both sessions and page views of over 300% Vs the same time last year. More importantly, pet registrations with the vets have doubled and as a result of the success of all the sites, we have now been asked to advise Independent Vetcare who are an industry group supporting vet practices (including Zetland Veterinary Group) across the UK on their new site.

"Working with Function Design has been fantastic. They not only created our website, but have also come up with ideas on how we can make it work harder for us including a process following people registering their pets to ensure that they book that first appointment. The results from the new website have been beyond our expectations and we have a great relationship with Leo who continues to be consistently helpful as well as having taught me a huge amount about how to ensure the website carries on delivering for us."

Hazel Wilmott, Marketing Executive, Zetland Veterinary Hospital

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